TERRENCE Loh became part of the dengue statistics in September last year.
While lying on his hospital bed, he surfed the Internet in the hope of finding a solution that will keep the deadly disease in check.Today, Loh’s company Versajaya Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor of the Mosquito Magnet, a technology from the United States which has existed for more than 20 years.Next year, the technology will be applied in Penang and Putrajaya with endorsement from the relevant authorities.

Loh described the device as a kind of “mosquito capture system using the power of attraction”.

“Mosquitoes, especially the Aedes, are everywhere and they are drawn to the warmth of breath and carbon dioxide produced by humans.

The VersaTrap (in white) is effective in killing mosquitoes.
“Hence, the Mosquito Magnet lures mosquitoes by producing a continuous and odourless stream of carbon dioxide, warmth and moisture into the air.“Once they are drawn to the device, a highly effective and powerful mosquito trap will then suck the mosquitoes into a net.“They become trapped, and die from dehydration within 24 hours of capture.

“The best part is the Mosquito Magnet does not only attract and kill mosquitoes but also limits their re-population by disrupting the breeding cycle.

“It captures a very large number of mosquitoes over time,” he said when met at his office in Diamond Valley, Permatang Damar Laut in Penang recently.

Loh said 90,000 dengue cases were reported in Malaysia as of Nov 20 this year, based on a statistic released by the authorities.

In Penang, State Health Committee chairman Dr Afif Bahardin was quoted as saying that 1,821 cases were reported for the first 10 months this year, compared with only 684 cases last year. Five dengue-related deaths were reported this year, compared with four last year.

Loh said a journal had published that the dengue disease had been declared a major health problem in Malaysia since 1971.

“I was a dengue patient and I know the agony and the pain one has to go through.

“After 43 years, the situation has worsened as we still hear dengue cases rising at an alarming rate although the Government and relevant authorities have been working hard to keep the situation in check.

“It’s time to look out for something robust, and that’s the mosquito magnet,” he said.

Loh said Mosquito Magnet could ‘attract’ mosquitoes within the 0.4ha radius, adding that it was certified by the authorities for its safety features.

“While fogging can only be carried out during good days with chemicals in the air, the Mosquito Magnet is a device placed at certain places that show tangible result.

“No human operation is needed and it shows you the number of mosquitoes trapped and killed,” he said.

On the technology’s implementation in Penang and Putrajaya next year, Loh said they were still in the midst of discussion on the implementation date.

He said Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, in his winding up speech during the state assembly sitting last month, had announced that the project would be carried out at two hotspots — Taman Perai Jaya in Seberang Prai and Tingkat Paya Terubong in George Town.

“We’re still waiting for the right date for this to be carried out. It is a pilot project.

A Mosquito Magnet placed in the premises of a club house.
“In fact, we have carried out trials in a few places in Penang and the result was encouraging,” he said.Loh said private operators of pig farms, construction sites, hospitality industry such as hotels, sports clubs, golf clubs, factories and joint management body of high-rise buildings should utilise the technology to keep dengue cases in check.Besides Mosquito Magnet which is ideal for outdoor solution, Versajaya, a leading distribution company in technological and innovative products, is also launching VersaTrap for indoor mosquito control.

Loh said the technology was a locally researched product but with an elegant, modern and sophisticated design.

“The price is quite affordable, and it is available in a few big supermarkets throughout Malaysia.

“It is effective when you turn the VersaTrap three or four hours before bedtime. It is suitable for household, office, decorative purposes as it does not really look like a mosquito trap at all.

For details, Loh can be reached at terrence.loh@versajaya.com or the company’s hotline +601116409396, or visit www.versajaya.com