These features can extend the life of accessories and propane up to 40% making this cordless trap a great value.The Mosquito Magnet® Executive trap protects one full acre of land and is backed by Mosquito Magnet’s exclusive 360 Degree Customer Support program, so you can confidently win your battle against mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes only become active when the outdoor temperature is at or above 50° F and are most active at dawn. Smart Technology allows the Mosquito Magnet® Executive trap to automatically adjust to these external conditions ensuring optimal mosquito control when it’s needed while virtually eliminating propane and attractant waste.
*Fuel Saving Modes
The Executive offers 4 different fuel saving modes that can be easily set via its LCD panel. These saving modes allow the trap to power down and restart at pre-set times to save propane consumption during mosquito activity off peak hours.The LCD panel also provides trap maintenance cues so you will always know when it is time to replace the attractant or the net, when the battery is low, the propane is out or even if the propane nozzle is clogged.
*Self-Contained Rigid Net
The Executive’s Mosquito Morgue™ Net is engineered to maximize continuous, unblocked airflow – critical to the performance of the trap. This innovative net also allows for easy disposal, eliminating any interaction with mosquitoes and features increased capacity which extends its life up to 40%.


Cordless Design

This cordless trap is powered by a rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride battery.
This convenient feature allows without needing an electrical outlet nearby or using extension cords that can interfere with lawn maintenance.



360º Customer Care Program

Mosquito Magnet® provides consumer support online, by phone and in person.
• Dedicated Mosquito Consumer Care Line (6011)-1640-9396
• How It Works
• Trap Placement
• Attractant Selection
• Maintenance Tips
• Troubleshooting
• Certified Service Centers




  1. Attracts and captures mosquitoes and other biting insects
  2. Backed by 20 years of research and over 15 patents.
  3. Features the Mosquito Magnet® patented Catalytic Converter – converts propane into carbon dioxide (CO2), heat, and moisture to simulate human presence.
  4. Features the Mosquito Magnet® patented Counterflow™ Technology – Lures, Captures, Controls mosquitoes.
  5. “Smart Technology” offers 5 different user-friendly setting options – including 4 fuel savings modes that extend the life of your propane tank.
  6. The Mosquito Magnet® Executive can automatically start-up/power-down by itself when the temperature reading is above or below 50° degrees.
  7. Advanced diagnostics will let you know when the battery is low, the propane is out or even when the propane nozzle is clogged!
  8. The new rigid, self-contained mosquito net has been especially engineered to maximize continuous, unblocked airflow (critical to the performance of the mosquito trap). The new net allows for easy disposal, eliminating any interaction with insects and features increased capacity to extend the life of the net before needing replacement.
  9. The Mosquito Magnet® Executive  is ideal for larger yards – protects up to 1 acre
  10. Cordless – runs on a custom rechargeable battery – one charge lasts the entire season!
  11. All Mosquito Magnet traps sold here are designed for use in the USA only.
  12. Operates 24 hours a day for optimal performance. Begins working immediately, mosquito population declines in 4 weeks.
  13. Dual-tone color design is proven to attract mosquitoes.
  14. Silent, odorless, all-weather performance.
  15. Easy assembly, heavy duty construction with reinforced base for added durability. Includes convenient wheels for easy re-location. Tank bracket holds propane tank in place when re-locating the trap.
  16. Easy to maintain. For peak performance refill propane tank and replace attractant cartridge and net (if necessary) every 21 days.
  17. Backed by the exclusive Mosquito Magnet® 360° Customer Support Program. Shop with confidence!


How It Works

A Mosquito Capture System Using the Power of Attraction

Mosquito Magnet® traps work by attracting and capturing the mosquitoes and other biting insects that are breeding in your yard. As mosquitoes are attracted by the warmth of the breath and the carbon dioxide produced by humans, Mosquito Magnet® lures the insects by producing a continuous and odorless stream of carbon dioxide, warmth and moisture into the air. The patented Counter Flow™ system, which serves as a highly effective and powerful mosquito trap, then vacuums the mosquitoes into a net. The mosquitoes become trapped, and die from dehydration within 24 hours of capture.

How to Effectively Kill Mosquitoes All Season-Long

Unlike many other types of mosquito guards, Mosquito Magnet® not only attracts and kills mosquitoes, it also helps to limit their repopulation. Mosquito Magnet® has been scientifically proven to disrupt the breeding cycle of mosquitoes, causing their population to dwindle over time. When it comes to enhancing the enjoyment of outdoor activities while protecting your family and pets against mosquito infestation, choose Mosquito Magnet® for your home or property.