VersaTrap FAQ

VersaTrap is utilizing a latest CCFL (Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) technology to emit irresistible UV wavelength together with heat to attract mosquitoes. They will then be vacuumed into the tray and die from dehydration within hours.
Cosmetic defect is caused, sometimes, while shipping or handling process. Therefore, customers are responsible to contact Versajaya Head Office within three (3) days time to lodge a report for this matter and claim for exchange. This request will be unattended if customers do not report within three (3) days time from the date of purchase (The date stated on the official receipt / Invoice / Pro-forma invoice / or any type of proof of purchase, that either issued under Versajaya Company or any of its reseller, agents, distributors or any channel of same kind).
If those components above are not functioning after the warranty period, customers are required to make purchase of the part replacement service from Versajaya Company. Customer is required to ship VersaTrap back to Versajaya Company at their cost, and Versajaya Company will proceed with part replacement, product refurbishment, and ship it back again to the customer with no extra charges including shipment cost.  The reason of adopting the centralized repair and refurbishment service is to make sure our customer is getting the best quality of product and original part. The price for CCFL is RM20.00, Fan is RM25.00, and Button is RM13.00.
Small amount of customer might not have good catch of mosquito after sometimes; this is perfectly making sense when they are not using VersaTrap with the most effective way. The most effective way of using it is to switch it in the room 2-3 hours before bed hour, and at the same time let all lights, fan, air-conditioner switch off while keeping all doors and windows shut. This will then be the most effective way to make VersaTrap as the only attractant to the mosquitoes. Keep VersaTrap on throughout the night is encouraged to make sure all captures are dehydrated and died in the next day.
It is recommended to place it inside a room, at least one (1) meter above the ground; it could be on the table or cabinet. It is suitable to be used at home, living room, office, lobby, laundry yard, garage and so on.
It is approximately 2-3 hours before your bed hours, and let it on for until the next morning to see the result.
The protection coverage is approximately 225 square feet of area, a size like in a mid-size bed room. It provides the best solution in kids’ room.
Yes, VersaTrap is definitely safe to use, it is CE and SIRIM approved.
Yes, definitely safe. This is mainly because that by default setting, VersaTrap does not emit CO2 or other chemical substance to increase its trapping capability, the UV wave is powerful enough to see its performance.
Basically VersaTrap is just something like a decorative lighting set in your living room; it poses nothing dangerous to a toddler. As long as they do not throw VersaTrap like a ball to each other, then it has got no chance to hit a toddler’s head like football.
No. VersaTrap is designed for indoor use, it can be placed outdoor provided that the location is well shed, does not expose to water, rain or sunlight. It is unlike Mosquito Magnet, which is specially designed for outdoor use; please refer to for more detail of Mosquito Magnet product line if you are thinking to protect your home and family from outdoor.
The power consumption of a VersaTrap is as low as 5W.
No. VersaTrap is not at the moment supporting USB power connection just yet.
Battery powered VersaTrap is under development, launching date of battery powered model will be announced through our fans channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Website.
The length of cable connected to VersaTrap is 40 inches or 1016mm. The power rating is 240V and it comes an ordinary 2-pin plug type.
Tentatively, only WHITE color version of VersaTrap is available.
The market selling for a VersaTrap is RM189.00 only. It is the most affordable mosquito trap that comes with such elegant and sophisticated design. If our customer is comparing from “apple to apple” they will find VersaTrap is something different among the rest from its class.
Customers who would like to look at the physical unit before the purchase, they are welcome to visit few stores below to view the physical product at Giant Bandar Puteri, Giant Bandar Kinrara, Giant Subang Jaya, Giant Kelana Jaya, Giant Kota Damansara, Giant Shah Alam Stadium, Giant Klang, Giant Taman Connaught, Giant Batu Cave, Giant Bayan Lepas, HomPro in IOI City Mall 2.
Yes, our customers are welcome to make their purchase directly from Versajaya Company or and
Yes, all of our customers are welcome to talk to us directly. We can be reached at +6011-1442-6141 from 10am – 5pm from Monday to Friday, except Public Holiday. Your email is always welcome too at
Yes, all of our customers are welcome to talk to us directly. We can be reached at +6011-1442-6141 from 10am – 5pm from Monday to Friday, except Public Holiday. Your email is always welcome too at
CCFL is started with an electron discharge; therefore sometimes it might take 5-10 second delay for startup due to environmental humidity and temperature. Otherwise unplug and plug the device again at the same socket, and try to switch on and off for a couple of time. If the problem persists, try doing the same at different power socket. If these steps do not solve the problem, please contact Versajaya Company for technical support at +6011-1442-6141 (Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm).